Autopilot Coding?

WIth all the MPS and other features JetBains offers, I was wondering if it was cool do do an Auto Pilot plugin for IntelliJ. Hear me out:

If there were the options, how cool would it be:

Yes/No - Generate Accessors and Mutators for all fields of @Entity
Yes/No - Generate toString() on all fields of @Entity
Yes/No - Generate public constructor for all fields of @Entity
Yes/No - Generate factory method and private contructor for all services
Yes/No - Geenerate class corresponding to persistence.xml entities

What I was thinking is, while it is a bit hard to see a full business logic being generated, it might be possible to just see a project being worked on by a plugin just by declaring some things.

Is this a sensible thing to implement?

For me, my experience comes from various Jetbrains products.

I've used AppCode in to: Port C++ code to Objective C
I've used IntelliJ to: Code Action Script projects
I've used IntellJ to: Port the Objective C (Above) to Java

Apart from the crazy stuff, I do a lot of routine work in IntellJ and WebStorm. I notice a lot of my actions now are shortcuts. I just do new NewClass().create(). And just make the IDE create NewClass and create. It feels to me that after some time, most of these can be automated as we've got the most sophisticated IDE we know doing much of the work for us!

What I was thinking is not a click-generate thing, but rather a more visible code generation, with good intervals to see what is happening, pause/continue kind of approach.

Crazy stuff? :-)

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