Maven - suggest plugin configuration parameters

See the screenshot attached - what if IDEA was suggesting (with Ctrl+Space) names for Maven plugins config parameters ?
Or at least for the most basic ones: clean, compiler, jar, war, ear, etc.

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Nice idea, I'll look if we can implement it.
The next 7.0.4 eap will have modules completion and resolution.

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May be using plugin's groupId and artifactId + reflection you can complete the configs. You see, we're all used to when IDEA completes everything, even if nobody else does it. :)

While doing so IDEA may also highlight as warning when some required plugin's config parameter is missing. Or values duplicate, or say, "xyz]]>" (of "maven-war-plugin") points to non-existing folder .. The usual intelligence.

We're working with Diana so we hope to see those improvements as well !


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