Tools menu reverting changes

Anybody else having odering issues with the Tools menu in IDEA 12? Keep seeing the same kind of change reassert itself every couple of days.
For some reason "Spring Roo" entry jumps down to the bottom of the tools menu and duplicate sub-menu entries are created for Webservices, JAXB and XMLBeans which appear after Roo.

Every now & again I fix the duplication and re-order entries via settings (prefer external tools last).

But these changes only lasts a few restarts before the same altrations & duplications ressert themselves?

Think it might be a rouge plugin, though I don't have a clue which one(s).

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Hi Richard,

could you attach a couple of screenshots which could ilustrate the problem? I mean a coule of menus with different orders.

Thank you,

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Just so happen to have been testing IDEA 13 beta (and EAP 132.1045 on Linux) and after using latter for a few hours just clicked on tools menu and saw this:


Whatever keeps doing this is still happening in IDEA 13. You can see the bottom section of the menu is made up of duplicates from items higher in the menu. If I was to remove them via settings, menus & toolbars. They will vanish, but keep reappering as duplicates out-of-the-blue.

Think I did visit menus and toolbars eariler today in IDEA 13. I wanted to see if we can rearrage the debugger left hand toolar panel yet (want to move the close icon so it's more easily accessable if the debugger isn't taking up half the screen estate). Didn't make any changes, just entered the settings can canceled. I've suspected these menu settings cause this for a while, but so far I've failed to reproduce the effect consistently.


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