Debugging for pure AS3 AIR project-change AIR (debugging) player


I wanted to test, while developing, using a different, installed AIR player instead of the AIR debugger player that is in the AIR SDK.

The player I would like to use for debugging/emulating is the regular AIR player, installed somewhere in the x86 program directory. Not sure what the path is?

To reconfigure I would need to configure the AIR Debug Launcher options. When I click on this in the dialog it brings up a dialog box. I'm not sure what code or path in this box. Based on reading the Adobe help site (, I can't figure out what to add to use the AIR player installed in my program directory for debugging this project.

Any help appreciated.

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Options is -runtime path_to_AIR_runtime, but I'm not sure that AIR runtime installed on the compuler has suitable format. I think to test with a different AIR runtime version you need to install a different AIR SDK that includes required AIR version and specify path to AIR runtime from that SDK.

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I have a Beta player and would need the ADL.exe and any associated files (DLL?). If I had the same version's ADL.exe, asociated files, I would place them in the latest AIR SDK. I don't think the AIR player itself can be launched for debugging.

Can still test using the Beta player, without the ADL.exe but have to build first, then install the AIR file each time. Just more time...


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