Is there a way to integrate IDEA with Unity3d?

The subject pretty much says it all. I really like IDEA and I want to continue to use it as I adventure forward with the Unity3d game engine (I don't like their bundled IDE). Is there a way to pull this off to where I will get things like intellisense for objects in the Unity3d libraries? I searched around for a bit to see figure this out but couldn't find much, which has me think that it won't play nice but it's worth an ask!




I'm using monodeveloper but would love to use a jetbrains product as I'm so familiar with it. IMO, they ought to build a unity IDE and I think they could make a lot of money. They already support python, javascript and c#, so just something simple to understand unity projects, autocomplete libraries etc. would be fantastic!! I'd PAY!


IntelliJ IDEA doesn't have any support for Unity. Given that Unity is a technology based on C# and .NET, if we do support it in a JetBrains product, it will be ReSharper and not IntelliJ IDEA.


Thanks for the reply Dmitry. Should I re-post in the resharper forums? I haven't tried that product yet but maybe I'll take a look. Hopefully it has all the familiar refactorings etc. of intellij!


There are a ton of unity developers on the mac. limiting your c# support to resharper excludes a lot of people.

Even if it's not a full build environment, we need a C# jetbrain product or at least a C# extension to app code.

90% of unity developers on the mac use it for iOS development so integration with x-code makes sense.


Wanted to add some more data points to this.

I did a game called Pocket God which received some success over the last few years on iPhone and I am part of an indie group that includes current success stories like nimble bit which makes Tiny Tower and Imangi which makes temple run. For the last year, the talk among all us developers has been about unity. I'm actually one of the last to join the unity band wagon, only because I have 4 years worth of engine development in objective C and it would take more time than I have to port it all over.

The general consensus is that Unity is the way to go for mobile game development. You would have to have a really good reason to stick with Objective C as opposed to a platform that will allow you to publish on iOS, Android, Windows Phone, PSVita, Steam, Browser, Etc.

The thing is, the Unity editor is not that great and all these guys are Mac users. They just wont buy Visual Studio and move to the PC.

Many of these people repect your tools and a great stand alone cross platform C# environment would sell.

I am kicking myself in the butt because I just found AppCode and I know I am going to move to C# in the near future. It really pains me that I wont be able to use your products anymore.


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