Deployment via SFTP to multiple servers

Our current dev set up is to code locally (laptop) and copy the files to a development server.  Since the java files need to be built (ant), but the static files don't, we currently have a custom plugin that copies java + static files to one place (to be build with ant), and the static files directly to the app server.  This way, the front end devs don't need to build when they change static files, they can just save, have it copy to both places, and then reload the page.

I'd like to use the Settings -> Deployment feature to do this copying, rather than our custom plugin.  To do this, I tried to create multiple server configurations (both pointing to th same dev box with different paths), but when I save the file it only copies to the default server.  Is there a way to have it copy to all configs, and not just the default?

Thanks in advance.

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To my knowledge, no such way yet. There is a long living feature request: You can ask for workaround there. Not sure does it exist.


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OK, thanks.  Our custom plugin works, so we'll continue to use that.


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