GWT, Intellij, "maven like" project layout

Hi everyone,

I am trying to move my gradle/ spring/ gwt project from eclipse to intellij. I managed to get eclipse/ gradle running. The project has a "maven like" project layout.

Right now I have a module with web + gwt facets, the libs are in place. Now I am stuck, trying to get devmode running.

My problem actually is:

  - there is src/main/webapp containig the web stuff
  - there was /war/ containing web stuff + compilation artifacts (I kept it that way for devmode)
  - there is src/main/java with frontend and backend
  - there is src/main/resources with descriptors, etc.

I don't have the deep understanding on how to properly setup gwt, web, etc. facets in intellij.
I could not find any documentation that dealt with the project layout.

Please help.

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src/main/webapp should be added to 'Web Resource Directories' section in Web Facet settings,
src/main/java and src/main/resources should be marked as 'Source' roots on 'Sources' tab of the module editor,
path to GWT installation should be specified in GWT Facet settings, 'Target Web Facet' option should point to the corresponding Web facet.

If you want to build the web application from IDEA you need to configure artifacts ('Artifacts' item, click on '+' button and select 'Web Application:
Exploded' -> 'From modules' item). However if you just need to start GWT Dev Mode it should be enough to create a GWT Run Configuraion (Run | Edit
Configurations | '+' | 'GWT Configuration').

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Software Developer
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