Servlet 3.0 container JSTL EL- Methods with parameters not supported in IDEA?

As much as I'm blown away by IDEA, the lack of support for legal Servlet 3.0 container JSTL EL method calls with parameters is really a pain. Is this a known issue?  It doesn't appear to be related to language level settings AFAIK. For example:

<c:set var="comments" value="${commentBean.getByNewsId(newsID, currentPage)}"/>

After typing out commentBean only get parameter-less methods. (e.g., getFirstName()  becomes firstName) which is normal, but parameterized methods should be supported now that they are legal. A slightly odd bit of functionality: once you manually type out the parameterized method, you can ctrl+b (navigate to the declaration).

But what's worse is that the variable assignment is not supported, which seems arbitratry. Consider:

<c:set var="news" value="${newsBean.getById(newsID)}"/>

<span >${news.title}</span>

title shows as a warning - "cannot resolve property or method..." Autocompletion and navigation to declaration don't work (makes sense since it can't resolve it)

Or slightly different, no warning, but no autocompletion or navigation to declaration on bodyText

<c:forEach items="${comments}" var="cm" varStatus="idx">

All this code works on Tomcat7. Am I missing something?

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Thanks. That's the issue. I hope it gets fixed - it makes working in JSTL EL (even more) tedious.


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