show usages popup default scope

Is it possible to set a default scope for the show usages popup.
What I'm looking for is to hide all test classes in the result popup.


Yes and no. You are suppose to be able to, but a current bug (IDEA-106178  Show Usages does not honor selected scope ) prevents its use with the Show Usages action (i.e. the popup). You can set it for the Find Usages action. That is working OK. You can use the Find Usages Settings dialog to set it. You can open it by either clicking the wrench & gear icon in the Show Usages popup, or use the "Find Usages Settings" action: Edit > Find > Find Usages Settings (Ctrl+Alt+Shift+F7). Despite its name, it's action is a "modify settings and then find usages" action. The settings are retained for all future Find Usages actions (and should be for the show usages action as well).


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