What is this feature called?

What is this feature called and how do i turn it off?

As i understand, it indicates nested elements/parents and basically colors my whole screen with different colored chunks which just distracts my eyes instead of helping, i only want to see the end tag if ive clicked on the start tag and vice-versa.
ive been googling like grazy but i cant figure out what is this feature called... im sure there must be an option to turn it off if i only knew what it was.

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It's called "Breadcrumbs" (a common UI term).

Settings > Editor > Appearance

  • Show HTML breadcrumbs
  • Show breadcrumbs for XML files
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That fixed it! Thanks a lot! :)  In retrospective, breadcrumbs does make sense but i would never have figured that out while thinking in code editor scope of things ;)


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