Compile error without any error message

When running a make, or a unit test I get the following, very useful error:

There is an error, but IDEA does not specify anything about where that error might be. There is a list of warnings beneath that, but I can't find any that would cause real harm

What I have determined:

When I run tests in other projects, they work fine. This suggests that it is a project issue, and not related to the SDK
A week ago this test did still run, but I cannot recall any really big changes that have caused this
When I run the test or compile in maven from the command line, it goes fine.
It sais it is a compile error, but I cannot find any class with red underlined compilation errors in there

Anybody have a suggestion what this is, or how to increase the log level of intellij, so I can find the issue?

This is a project with maven and Spring, Java 6, Idea 12

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You could try adding the -verbose javac option to the compiler setting: Settings > [Project Settings] > Compiler > Java Compiler > Additional command line parameters

What happens when you build via maven command line?

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The -verbose option I tried myself, but I did not see any additional logging.

The problem has solved itself again, I had "use external build" on, and switching that off fixed it. But when I tried to reproduce it just now, it worked fine, so that probably was not the issue. I also reimported everything, so maybe it was fixed then.

Anyway, thanks for your help


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