Cannot transfer to remote - all of a sudden

For a couple of months I've been happily using and learning my shiny new IntelliH.  Remote file transfers were working beautifully.

Today, for no apparent reason, suddenly I can no longer upload to our server.
When I drag a file over the remote Host window there is a 'stop' symbol (circle with diagonal line) and if I drop the file nothing happens.
There are no error or information messages displayed.
The server is connected as I can see it's files and I can download from it.
I haven't knowingly changed anything.  File permissions on the server are ok.

I don't know where to start looking for the problem.  Help would be very much appreciated.




What is the type of the item you drag? Is that, say, a .txt file?

Thank you,


most of my files are python modules but file transfer won't work for .py files or text files with no file suffix


I decided to kill the project and recreate it with the same source and directories.
I can now do sftp transfers and the missing directories (from another problem in a separate topic) have reappeared in the project.

So all is good for now


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