Major Bug Fixes (IDEA-105361) not made in latest release version 12.1.6


I was wondering why major bugs which have been marked as fixed are not present in the latest and greatest IntelliJ version?
I do not want to use an early preview version of IntelliJ. We pay for a license for the latest stable official IntelliJ release, and I don't understand why this wouldn't be the most important place for major bug fixes to go to.

The bug I'm concerned with is the very basic use of SVN integration and comparing files in the history:

It is common for source code to move in restructuring, especially when using or moving to frameworks like maven that have sensible default expectations for where src may be found.

I can see that the bug was fixed almost 2 months ago. It has been made available in the early preview of version 13 and the 13.1 branch by the looks, but not ported to 12.1.x despite similar frustrations and votes for it in the comments.
Can someone help me understand why these major fixes implemented 2 months ago are not ported to the latest release 12.1.x?



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