Maven plugin with lucene index from

There is a Lucene index in, and it is the index of Maven repository. it can contains a lot of information about artifact even class names in jar file. I thin Maven plugin can use this index to implement following features:
1 artifact search
2 code completion for groupId, artifactId and version
3 add artifact quickly
4 ...
It is easy to create new plugin to implement such features, but if is supported by default, and it will be very useful.

Please visit for information.

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did you have a look at the Maven Repo Search plugin ?
I guess it's using this

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I use that, but it would be so much more helpful if this information was more integrated into the normal functionality. It would be great to be able to right click on the pom.xml and search for something, select it and have it added as a dependency.

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Yes, I am using it. :) The plugin uses http request to get some information. I think we can use the lucene index to implement all the feature offline. We can implement more features according to the index because it supplies a lot of information.


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