Scala compiler breaks groovy module

I'm working on a multi-module project. Some modules are scala based and some java & groovy. The groovy modules depend on scala & java modules. Hence intellij sets the scala module for the groovy project. And then that breaks the compilation as the scala compiler fails to find groovy base classes

scala: error: cannot find symbol
scala:extends ...A groovy base class..

If I remove the scala facet I get the same errors as the scala compiler still compiles the groovy project.

Any ideas what's going on?

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I have same problem with IDEA 12.1.1 and 12.1.2. with latest version of Scala plugin.
I don't know about previous versions, because I have added Scala code just few days ago.
The only workaround is to rebuild the project.
But after some changes in the code incremental compilation stops working again.

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Somehow this was fixed. One thing was that my pom.xml had some errors which I fixed. Then I also disabled groovy compiler generating stub java classes.

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Same for me.
The incremental build works fine if I only change something inside the class under test.
But if there are structural changes in the module (containing the class under test), I get errors like


This is quite funny, because scala is not involved in both cases (Test- and Source-class).
But the phenomenon occured only after adding scala to our project.

I don't have to rebuild the whole project - it is sufficient to recompile the module with the class under test.

Any suggestions?
Do I have to file a ticket or is this post enough?

Regards from Germany,


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