can't package swf animation inside AIR app


I included a little animation today in my AIR app using a swf movie clip as below

    private var myLoader:Loader = new Loader();  // connecting animation
    private var url:URLRequest = new URLRequest("../../../data/ConnectingAnim.swf");
    .... code to add the loader and position it

It works fine when I deploy to my device via the USB but when I try to package it using Build -> Package AIR Application the resulting ipa isn't right. The screen with the animation is broken.
Am I missing something?


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May be result depends on the iOS package type. IntelliJ IDEA uses one of the following package types for the adt -package command:
-target ipa-debug-interpreter
-target ipa-debug
-target ipa-test-interpreter
-target ipa-test
-target ipa-ad-hoc
-target ipa-app-store

I'm not sure that the problem is related to the IDE.

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It wasn't indeed IDE related.

But for reference sake, that might help somebody else


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