Feature Request: JetBrains IDE for Go language


Is anyone at JetBrains working on an IDE for Go? I'm using Go more and mroe every day and would love to see all the amazing features form IntelliJ in an IDE for this language.

Check out http://golang.org/

Many thanks for your great products! :)

// Erik


Hi Erik,

AFAIK there are no plans for providing Go support by JetBrains.

However, checked that there is a third-party plugin but I don't have any information about its quality.




Since the author of the plugin is not active at the moment and the plugin is failing for IDEA 13, is there any kind support from Jetbrains if someone else will pick up the development?



I would like to second the request for an official Go Language plugin. The author of the OSS plugin is aware of its significant problems but unable to fix them, and it is very frustrating to use. Starting with that baseline, however, an experienced JetBrains developer should be able to at least make it a bearable experience relatively quickly.

Please help!


What I meant is that I could try to pickup the development for it, but my knowledge of Java is limited and knowledge of the IntelliJ API is 0 hence the need of support from JB.



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