GWT-EXT and IntelliJ

I was a bit surprised how easy it was to load and start using GWT-EXT with intelliJ IDEA.
I loaded the gwt-ext showcase example.

Here are the url's I had to navigate to for downloads

Pretty easy to do but If anyone is interested in a Demonstration of how I got it to work just post a reply and I will post a step by step.

What I like is now not only can I program my Java Script in Java but I can also have rich controls for my web apps . THe Best of Both Worlds :)


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Be careful. I used gwt-ext for a small application in the past and have had mixed feelings about it. It forces you to do things in its (rather contrived) way, totally outside GWT object model (which instead induces a pretty natural way of programming GUIs). It's true that it produces beautiful guis pretty quickly, but it's very inelastic, and we've had various problems regarding javascript memory leaks when using forms which were VERY, VERY hard to diagnose (and never completely solved, by the way). I don't know what the state of it is, but mygwt may be a better solution, now: I wouldn't base a new application on gwt-ext anymore, I'm afraid.

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Thank you for this information. I was just starting the gwt-ext project so its should be easy enough to switch to mygwt. mygwt looks great and It looks like I will be headed in that direction thanks to your recommendation.

Thanks Again



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