easiest way to create a runnable application using idea?

hi community,

i'm developing a first person shooter and want to deliver the newest builds to my little helpers who have no idea how to compile something.
ideally, they should:
+ update their directory using smartsvn
+ doubleclick something
+ play the game

how can i achieve this? the build jar option is out of question because one of those little helpers is limited to 56k download speed and i cannot force him to redownload a big jar every time i make a little change, so i'd like the solution to work with simple class files.

generate batch file is also ... unpreferred because it doesn't really generate a batch file but wants me to select every single jar and directory instead of doing it by itself.

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i tried using build jars to generate a few different jars, one containing only my class files (the ones that frequently change)

my project is split up into 5 modules, each one using other modules and a few jars. how should i configure build jars?
right now, i told idea to jar only my main module in the upper list of the build jar dialog (which contains all other modules in the lower half). i set all used jars to link via manifest and copy to and all modules to jar, link via manifest and copy to.

this works fine for all modules and jars except the main one - it is empty, containing only a manifest file. every other module is jarred correctly and contains all class files it should.
what's wrong here?
every other setting makes no sense because the jar contains the complete set of jars and class files and not just the "pure game classes"


is there a "generate jnlp"-button?
i heard jnlp is already used as another word for "more complicated than needed" in some languages

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I guess I misunderstood your question / problem.

I thought you were asking for a means of distributing your application, not a way of managing a collaborative team of programmers.

Randall Schulz


Have you given a try to maven ? i guess it would be the easiest once setup


"once setup" <- sounds evil, especially because i've never used it.

i'm using jsmooth now. i just needed to collect all jars and directories, tell it which the main class is and everything is fine. it also "stays up to date" as long as i don't create new directories for new modules or use new jars (which is unlikely)


really not that hard if the way your project is built is not too weird, and it's also now quite nicely integrated with IDEA

I guess further advantages are that your users won't need IDEA to build your project, and couldn't even get the latest version of your sources and build the project in one single line


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