Debug breakpoint actions? EAP 13???

I was really hoping to see the ability to set custom actions on breakpoints in the upcoming release of IntelliJ 13. this is a featuer I've come to enjoy from XCode. One workaround I have found in v12 is to use the "log evaluted expression" option on the breakpoint editor but that appears to be broken in the latest EAP. Let me elaborate. I sometimes need to execute some code upon hitting a breakpoint, something like setting a variable or popping up a Toast in Android. I don't want the execution to stop either, I just would like to run a code snippet that returns void. This used to kinda work in V12 but this morning I tried showing a Toast in an evaluated expression on a breakpoint and I got an illegal argument when I called the ".show()" method. Are there plans for such a feature in 13? Is this something that can be easily added or developed as a plugin? Also, has anyone else dug into the enhanced debug breakpoint options. I see plenty of cool features but there is little if any documentation on how to use most of them. Where do I go for answers? For instance what are instance filters and class filters used for? How do I declare them on my breakpoint? What other cool things can we do with breakpoints?


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