How to open .uml files saved from diagram viewer plugin in other tools?

Hi all,
When choosing "Save" in a Maven Dependencies diagram (powered by yFiles), the file extension saved is ".uml", and is an XML file with the following format:

    <node x="111" y="222">...</node>
  <notes />
    <edge ...>
  <settings layout="Hierarchic Group" zoom="0.02059732234809475" x="8028.299999999999" y="12613.324999999999" />
  <Categories />

It seems to only be opened in IntelliJ, which is limiting since yFiles is able to export in many more portable formats that could be used in other graphing/UML tools (including yEd, which is free).

Can anyone offer insight on if this is usable in other applications or is it just usable within IntelliJ?  I think it would be pretty straightforward to enable the other export options in yFiles to allow portability with these diagrams.



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