7.0.2 becoming unresponsive several times a day, huge memory & CPU spike

I've experienced this at least 20 times this week. Suddenly, the CPU usage reaches 100% and it stays there, Memory usage inside Idea gets close to the maximum allowed by Xmx. The memory usage reported by the task manager for idea.exe is huge (see below) and keeps increasing.

vmoptions example: Xmx 350m
idea.exe private bytes 514656
virtual size 697812 (earlier today it was even more than 900MB!)

Most of the time it happened while returning to Idea from another application and attempting to fix a line with invalid code.

For instance, I had something like:

Foo foo = Foo.createFoo(param1, param2, Constants., param4);

I pressed Ctrl-Space to get the list of public fields in Constants and then the heap jumped from 198 to 350MB, the CPU to 100%.

I tried each time to get a cpu/mem snapshot, but Idea and the entire system are unresponsive and after 10 minutes of so, I killed idea.exe. The zip files with the snapshots were not finished and thus they were invalid.

I'm running it on a Dell laptop, 2GB of RAM, Win XP Pro. Idea is launched with jdk1.6.0_02


Needless to say, it's very annoying. Yesterday I had to kill it more than 10 times.

Any help would be appreciated.

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I had the same issue, showing code to a friend, and having IntelliJ being freezed for 3 mins on a CTRL-space is quite embarassing...

I posted a thread a few hours ago on a freeze (not CTRL-space related though)...


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It happened again, but now I managed to get a memory snapshot, currenly uploading it to Jetbrains.

Memory usage for idea.exe (in task manager) was even worse this time:

- peak virtual bytes: 851428KB
- virtual size: 951224KB

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I found this problem a while ago with an earlier version, after doing some
investigation looking at file i/o i discovered that most of the time was
spent writing to my iws file which was huge.

My problem was because a plugin I was using was not overwriting its
configuration data but instead just appending to what was already there.

This meant that every time I changed focus IntelliJ was trying to read and
write to a large file.

Also having lots of files on your desktop can cause a problem but this is
Java related rather than IntelliJ related. When any operation that reads the
file system in Windows is ran it always scans the files on your desktop and
will go down into zip files. I found that moving any zip files off my
desktop also speeded up performance.

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I got a fast reply from the Jetbrains support. quoting Maxim:

"The culprit is project view set to mode, where it displays some named
scope. Particularly, there are some big property files in the scope,
that get parsed and remain in memory until scope view disappears. So
the workaround is to switch to "project" mode."

Indeed, the view was set to View as Scope:Production instead of Project (I had set it a while ago and completely forgot about it).

I'll test this for the entire day, but so far, so good.

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Dave Wallace wrote:

My problem was because a plugin I was using was not overwriting its
configuration data but instead just appending to what was already there.

Can you remember which plugin?


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