Using spark flex components in pure AS3 project


While I could use a Flash CS generated SWC to add a radio button component and radio button group component, I would instead prefer to use the spark flex radio button and radio button group components, if this is possible. I would like to use these spark flex components to add 4 radio buttons in one radio button group.

I found this web page:

How would I use this MXML type scripting/tags in a pure AS3 project? Where is it added? (I looked for an MXML page template in IntelliJ but was not able to find it.)

Any help using this spark flex component (both radio button and radio button group) would be appreciated.

Thank you for your help.


If you are going to have MXML source files you can't say that your app is pure AS. So you need to change build configuration type to not pure AS at Project Structure | Modules | [your module] | [your build configuration subnode] | General tab | Type.


Thank you, Alexander.

Unchecking pure AS3 changes the project and now when I right-click the src folder, I get an option for adding an MMXL file.

I will need to learn more about how to use an MMXL file. I am hoping that it is used to declare the spark components, and that once declared, they can be scripted in an AS file?

Thank you again for your help getting started.

Best Wishes,


I'm not sure I understand the question. But I'm sure that you'll find all answers and examples in Adobe's and Apache's docs.


Yes, I have been reading online about using MMXL. Maybe it is easier for me to use the SWC with the components that I can create in my copy of Flash CS, then simply import it into the project (src). It looks like to use MMXL, the scripting is different than AS3. If I simply use the SWC, I can script using AS3.

But, I'll figure it out. So, no need to reply.

Thank you, again.


SWC with the components that I can create in my copy of Flash CS, then simply import it into the project (src)

You'll need to configure dependency on your SWC. Open Dependencies tab of the Flash build configuration, click [+], select 'Add dependency on new library...', then select your swc file in the file chooser.


Yes, thank you, Alexander.

BTW, am joining Apache Flex forum/mailing list to learn more about MMXL scripting.


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