Adding New Templates under "XML Configuration File" menu

  1. Right click on a folder in Project view
  2. Select New / XML Configuration File

    There are 2 options under this menu:

- JSP Tag Library Descriptor

- Faces Config

How can I add additional XML configuration file templates under this menu?

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To the best of my knowledge, you cannot add files to the"XML Configuration File" submenu (shy of doing such via a custom plug-in). You can come close though. Go to File > Settings > [IDE Settings] > File and Code Templates. On the Templates tab, add a your new templates and save. Now open the context menu when in the project tool window. In the "New" menu, select "From File Templates". Locate and select your template. Once you use the template once, it will appear directly in the "New" menu above the "From File Templates" option.


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