AspectJ 1.7 problems

Hello I am trying to compile an Amazon Work Flow application, which requires AspectJ.  I am having trouble getting it to compile.  My code contains Java 7 syntax such as switches with string cases which are not supported.

My project is imported from Maven, and the Maven build works (see the POM below)

I notice that my POM file specifies 1.4, but when I try to set that in Compiler Settings, it doesn't work.  I think this is because IntelliJ is using an old version of ajc.  

But when I download the latest version AspectJ 1.7.3, Released 13 Jun 2013, and point the IntelliJ AJC path to it, IntelliJ doesn't like it.

Does IntelliJ support the latest versions of AJC?  How can I get it to compile my code?

Thank you

Here is the plug-in in my POM.XML



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