Performance Issue about the Features - Inspect Code and Auto Fix

Hi, all, I download IntelliJ IDEA Toolkit(Free version), and I want to test how to inspect code and auto fix it.

When I do Inspect Code feature, I often take 2 or 3 hours to inspect all code under my work space. And we can not record the result, if I close the IntelliJ IDEA, I must re-do this again.

IntelliJ provide a feature to auto fix the issuse after inspect my code. And if I click the button to solve one issue. It may cost 2 or 3 minutes to do it and the screen is in no response state.

And my question is :

Is it a bug?

If I buy the license, whether it will increase the performance?



> If I buy the license, whether it will increase the performance?
I'm not sure. Instead, please take a look:

Please, provide thread dumps and CPU snapshots for a case when you wait 2 minutes for autofix.
(Snapshots for 2 hours of work may be enormous, let's start from 2 minutes problem.)



Thanks for your response,

Today, I want to get some picture to you and for save time, I just inspect one package under my project, and I found there are no performance issue.

So, I think maybe IntelliJ's VM do not support inspect the whole project(about 500 MB), it is too big to cause some performance issue? This is just my guess, hope it useful to you. And I will continue to test Inspect and auto-fix feature.

Any more question I will back to here and get help.


IDEA project itself is well over gigabyte (not counting libs, .git, etc), but IDEA works successfully with it.

On the other side, our inspection profile includes only necessary inspections, and many supported frameworks are not used. It may happen that you have some technology-specific (Spring-, or SQL-, or JavaScript-, or Groovy, or anything-specific) inspections enabled. First, just disable unnecessary ones: may be it helps. If the problem persists, either send a snapshot, or if you like, try to identify "bad" inspection and technology first.



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