Maven2 Support for groupId

I am having a problem with the Maven 2 support in IDEA. I have a multimodule project in which there are multiple modules with the same artifactId, but different groupIds. For example:

- moduleA (groupId=com.g1.war, artifactId=myModule)
- moduleB (groupId=com.g1.pom, artifactId=myModule)

When I attempt to open the root pom.xml with IntelliJ, I get a dialog stating that IDEA was "unable to open project". I believe this has to do with multiple modules having duplicate artifactIds (even though they have different groupIds). Is there a workaround for this? I could give them all a different artifactId and set the 'finalName' under build to the value I want, but this causes the installed/deployed artifacts to be duplicated. I get a version under the artifactId AND under the final name. Is this issue being currently addressed? Thanks!



This will be fixed in 7.0.2:
- Maven: Import modules with same artifactId but different groupId


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