vcs update feature suggestion

what about an option that updates all files while keeping their current branch? in my case, i have some files on a branch and some on the main trunk and ALWAYS, without exception, accidently merge the branch files with the main trunk files and have to revert everything using the local history.


Try updating using the "default" option selected in the "Use version" section of the dialog. That should update each file using the branch that it is currently sticky-tagged with. Also make sure that you have "Don't merge" selected.


when i do that, i get the main trunk version instead of the current branches head version
what exactly does "reset sticky data" do?


"Reset sticky data" will remove the branch tag from your working copy files. That's why you get the main trunk version.

When you update your working copy to a specific branch, the working copy files are marked with the branch name. It's known as a sticky tag because it remains until you explicitly reset sticky data or use a different branch in the next update.


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