when i import a multi module maven project (originally pulled from git) version control is only set up partially correctly.

Hi, when i import my multi module maven project,  Intellij  (idea)   seems to recognize that some of the directories and files  originate from my git repository.

Other directories and files have no association with git, in fact Idea seems to think that files are associated with an .svn repo.  Even though there is no .svn directory in the project hierarchy at all.

I am including two screen shots that illustrate the problem.

Note that in the first screen shot (git.png), when i right click on my artifact i get a 'Git' menu..   and i can do things like compare against latest version in repo and all that stuff..
works fine..  

However, when i click on other artifacts like the one shown in  svn.png  (attached)  it shows  'SVN'  as the backing SCM repository.  Note also that if i  were to import the maven subproject called ecens-graph-api
without the parent, then the proper associations are made with git and right clicking on items in that imported project will work correctly (i.e., the pop menus allow me to perform git operations on the targeted file system

any help greatly appreciated.  If i am forced to use Git, at least i would like my IDE   to help me through the experience.

- chris

idea build 117.798


It looks like this recent bug: http://youtrack.jetbrains.com/issue/IDEA-90411 You can manually fix the screwed up import. Go to File > Settings > Project Settings > Version Control.In the settings dialog you set what version control is used. Delete any entries and make just one for "<Project>" as the directory set to use git.


This just happened to me today and cost me an hour trying to figure out what was going on!

I imported a multi module maven project cloned locally from a git repo, and in Intellij IDEA Ultimate 12.1.5 (version IU-129-1135) it knew that the top level parent was under git control and asked me to configure that root, but then silently setup all the submodules as being managed by subversion!
Then all the files showed in red to me like they weren't version controlled at all!

Once I figured out to remove the subversion entries for all the submodules in File->Settings->Version Control, then everything worked as expected.

Is this a relatively newly introduced bug?  I think so, because I've imported 2 other git-managed multi module projects in the last month, and haven't run into this before.



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