Scroll from source from second monitor


I use Linux Mint 14 and IntelliJ IDEA 12.1.4. I have two monitors. IntelliJ IDEA runs on my primary monitor on the left, and I drag two more code windows to the right hand side monitor, each with various tabs. I like working like this since we have multiple flash/actionscript projects, a php website and two java projects. So it allows me to keep things organized as stories often spans multiple git repos and projects.

I extensively use the "scroll from source" feature. So when I click the the "scroll from source" icon in the project tool window, it scrolls to highlight my current file. Even if I split the editor pane, I can be on any tab in either pane on my primary monitor and it scrolls correctly.

The problem comes in when I am working on a file on the secondary monitor. When I click "scoll from source", it activates a tab on the primary monitor and scrolls to that file.

I poked around all the settings but couldn't find the magical "make IDEA's scroll from source feature dual-monitor aware" option.

Any tips would be appreciated in case I missed it. Or do you guys think this is a bug that I need to log?

thanks in advance for any help

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