how to output user message into the console?

     how can i get the InputStream and OutputStream of the Console?
i want to output message into console and read the user input from the console.
who can help me?

best regards

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does not anyone know?

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There are 3 basic methodologies

  1. Using streams
  2. Using a scanner
    • introduced in Java 5
  3. Using the Console class
    • introduced in Java6
    • Will not work when the code is run from within an IDE (since the IDE does not have a console)

Here are some links to a few tutorials that will show you how to do this. The frist two are from the "official" Java Tutorial.

Eventually you will want to look at using a logging framework such as Simple Logging Facade for Java (SLF4J) over Logback rather than the console.

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maybe I did not make it clear,i means than how to output the user message into the console of intellij,it is intellij's console,not system console


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