IDEA can not create jsp from template in a maven web app module


I have created a maven web application module, however I found some problems:

1) There will be a default jsp file named index.jsp generated, however this is its content:

<h2>Hello World!</h2>

No jsp header like `<%@ page ....`  or taglib included.

2) When I try to create a new jsp file I can not create it from the template

See this.

Now I can only choose the `New-File` then enter 'xxx.jsp'. But the generated jsp lose too many jsp specified tags. I have to copy them manually from somewhere.

So I miss anything?
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1. Am I correct that you call New Module wizard and select maven-archetype-webapp to create the module from it? Then jsp content is provided by that Maven archetype, IDEA does nothing with that.

2. IDEA suggests to create JavaEE Web Page for directories under webapp root. Please check, does New menu contain this item, when webapp (or sub-directory) is selected. (I'm not sure, how your screenshot could illustrate the issue.)



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