Upgrade to 12.1.4


I have an ultimate licence and am upgrading mt IntelliJ to 12.1.4.
I uninstalled all the previous versions but did not delete my plugins, cache etc

However, in the installation progress when I selected the folder of a previous installation, it said it couldn't find any configurations files there. So I just went with the other option to start from scratch, put in my licence.

I can see in my folder for IDEA 12.0.4 a bin folder and a lib folder but not too sure how I can use that to get all my projects etc back to how they were before the upgrade into this new version.
And when I try rto Import my exsiting projects and select my .iml file, I'm getting an error saying Cannot import anything from C:/project path.iml.

If anyone can help please! :-(
Not sure what to do.

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You should do the following:

  • make sure that plugins, configs and caches of the previous installation really exist on your computer. Most likeky all these are stored in the folder {user.home}/.IntelliJIdea11, where {user.home} on Windows is usually C:/users/{your name}.
  • make sure that IntelliJ IDEA is not running
  • delete (or rename) the folder {user.home}/.IntelliJIdea12
  • start IntelliJ IDEA, select to import settings from previous version and select the following folder: {user.home}/.IntelliJIdea11/config.

.IntelliJIdea12 folder will be created again and all your settings should be imported.

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Hi Alexander

I only have the one C:/Users/.IntelliJIdea12.
I tried to Configure/Import Settings and selected the /config dir but it couldn't find the settings.jar :/


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I only have the one C:/Users/.IntelliJIdea12.

That means that you don't have configuration, plugins and caches of the previous IntelliJ IDEA installations. Don't worry, you lost not that much:
- configured SDKs
- configured Global Libraries
- list of the recent projects
- global custom settings like colors&fonts,code completion settings and thousand more, but most probably you worked with most of them set to default
- installed 3rd-party plugins

So just open manually the project(s) that you work with (File | Open..., select project folder (not iml file!)), open Project Structure and fix error detected there because of not-configured SDKs and Global Libs).

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Ah ok thanks!
Piecing it all back together.

I think what happened was I thought I'd clean up all the settings, plugins for previous versions 12.0.2 and 12.0.4 not realising that they all fall under and are shared under the same version 12?

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Sorry, I didn't notice that you upgrade from 12.0.4 and thought you upgrade from 11.x.
Yes, all versions of IntelliJ IDEA 12.x by default store all global settings/plugins/caches in the same folders. In future if you'd like to have several installations of the same major version in parallel - you need to set custom values to the following properties in each {IntelliJ DEA installation}/bin/idea.properties file:


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Sorry probably should have mentioned.

Right, note taken for next time!
Is there by any chance a file somewhere that might be lingering on my desktop that I could reference to remember all my dependencies, compiler options etc

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I'm not sure I got the question.
All dependencies, compile options, etc. are stored per project and you didn't loose any configured project. You lost only global things like SDKs - that's easy to reconfigure.

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You're right. I see now :)
It didn't pick up the correct .iml which was renamed to something else (not matching the project/folder name)


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