Maven property refering an system property red

I build an profile to glassfish in my projetc, where I set an property that points to an system property (com.sun.aas.instanceRoot) that glassfish provide when running. Like that:

<profile>      <id>glassfish4</id>      <activation>           <activeByDefault>true</activeByDefault>      </activation>      <properties>           <LOG_DIR>${com.sun.aas.instanceRoot}</LOG_DIR>      </properties>      <build>           <pluginManagement>                <plugins>                     <plugin>                          <groupId>org.apache.maven.plugins</groupId>                          <artifactId>maven-ear-plugin</artifactId>                          <configuration>                               <unpackTypes>ejb,war</unpackTypes>                               <filtering>true</filtering>                          </configuration>                     </plugin>                </plugins>           </pluginManagement>      </build> </profile>

This ${LOG_DIR} propety is set at my logback.xml.

Well everything is working as it should. It compiles normally and working as expected. But Intellij keep showing me "Cannot resolve symbol", how can I get this message away? ALT-ENTER doesn't has any option to disable this validation.

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