Need a Built in Json Formatter that Runs with the Reformat Code Command

I seem to remember this working before, but it does not seem to work anymore. When I run the reformat code command on a json file it no longer formats it in a human readable way. It will clean up some indents and notify me of incorrect json syntax, but it doesn't reformat the whole document.

I found a json formatter plugin that works good, but my request is to add this feature directly into Intellij so it comes standard.

I am running Intellij version:



Hard to say what exactly you mean by "no longer formats it in a human readable way".

Maybe this one that is about IDEA not inserting line breaks at all?

Feel free to vote or comment on that!



You are correct. I apologize for not being more descriptive. I seem to remember having the ability to introduce line breaks in json files during the code reformat.

I will go vote on the jira issue.



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