How to set options for packaging an AIR installation file?

My situation:

  • IntelliJ IDEA 12 IU-129.961 und Windows 7 64 Bit, Flash/Flex support plugin installed and all working
  • I can compile my Flex/AS3 project and run/debug it as AIR desktop application without problems; and all assets are included.
  • The folder out/production/MyApp/ contains everything needed: the MyApp.swf and MyApp.xml file as well as the folder with the needed assets (additional swf and xml files, images). The checkbox "Copy resource files to output folder" in "Module-Compiler Options" is set
  • Building an AIR installation file generally works, and the AIR exe can be created and runs, but all assets are missing (I checked that with 7Z)!
    Also obvious because the file is too small.

And that's my problem; I have no idea how to include the needed assets in my AIR installation file!

  • I checked IDEA's product settings, module settings, build settings, ...
  • Then I called ADT from the command line; and could build an AIR installation file MyApp.air, which had the expected size and showed all assets when analyzing with 7Z.
    But although that installation file started to work it finally failed installing the AIR program ("... incorrectly configured installation program").
    I followed the examples at and the packaging with ADT worked without error messages. Only the installation fails. I have no idea what I might have configured incorrectly...

My preference is to use IntelliJ IDEA for the complete workflow, so I "only" needed to know how to add the additional folder the the packaging process.
Worst case I could use the command line option for ADT; but need a solution for my "incorrect configuration" issue...

I hope someone can help and has an idea!

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Sorry for delay. Looks like you have already found the answer. It is 'Files and folders to package' table at Project Structure | Modules | [your module] | [your build configuration subnode] | AIR Pacckage tab.

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Yes, correct; and no problem
Similar topics had been discussed:

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Re: How to include files in the output directory relative to the compiled swf when simulating?
where I "participated" and found the solution with your help!

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