Create a mapping for a variable to a certain directory?

Not sure how i can explain this but I would like to know the following. In my code  i have variable called "application.cfc.*" and the star is every component there is in the /cfc/ directory of my project. intelliJ however can't "recognize" this variable as being file in the directory /cfc/ and for that reason i can't CTRL click on the file to open automatic.

Is there a way to create some sort of mapping where intelliJ knows to look in the /cfc/ directory for the components used in the "application.cfc" variable... any help appreciated!

Regards, Tjarko

Permanently deleted user

Hi Tjarko,

> In my code  i have variable called "application.cfc.*"

What programming language and/or  frameworks are you using?


Coldfusion and more specific Railo.


Could you please creat an issue? And attache a sample project to reproduce.


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