Where is "Share Configuration" at in Run/Debug Configurations?

Prior to IntelliJ 12 the Run/Debug configuration dialog used to have a Share Configuration checkbox that would generate a run configuration.xml file in the .idea project directory. This would let me commit this to verison control for use by other team members and/or by myself on my home machine.

This option no longer exists.

Is it still possible to get IntelliJ to output the run configurations so they can be committed to verison control?

I am using 12.1.4.


Took me a while to find it as well! :)
See the attached screenshot.screenshot.tiff


I am not sure how I missed that! I could have swore I scanned every inch of that dialog looking for that option multiple times. My eyes just never went up there, I was so used to it being near the bottom.

I appreciate it, thanks!


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