How to organise code in Intellij with multiple repo's?


I've got the full IntelliJ but mainly use it for JavaScript HTML5 Web Development in a Java environment and some Flex priojects.

I'm starting to play with Node and potentially some Ruby on Rails.

I've got a git cloud repo, mainly with github and

I'm curious to finding better and more intuitive ways to organise my Projects (and/ or Modules) with IntelliJ and am after some suggestions that offer some advice on best practices.

At the moment I normally work with one Project for work which has the Java and UI in the same repo and I have different Projects for different personal repositories but I'd really like to view more than one repo inside IntelliJ so I can contribute to 3rd party repo's, work on my own and almost build up a toolset of seperate libraries that I'll use for most projects.

I'd also like to start creating regular Unit Tests for my code.

Should I be creating one main Project and have each of the other repo's loaded in as Modules?

Or is there a better, preferred way to work with IntelliJ ? I'd prefer not to have to keep switching Projects all the time.

Thanks in advance for any advice, if there's any online material that already answers this, please could you point me in the right direction.


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Hi Nick,

It looks like a single project with multiple modules suits your needs:

  • you can have multiple vcs roots configured for single project (project settings | version control);
  • you can use module groups for external project which are mapped to more than one ide module;
  • there is a possible case that a module uses particular technology. The ide offers facet concept for such situation, i.e. techonoly-specific settings are defined at module level;


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Good stuff, cheers for the tips Denis!


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