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Is there any centralized place for finding and/or sharing color themes for Intellij IDEA and derived products? I was thinking about something like I know that there are a few themes available on GitHub but they don't cover some plugins and selection is pretty poor anyways.

Ideally, JetBrains should provide this service, but if they can't, I could potentially create it if there's enough interest.

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Hi Oleg,

AFAIK there is no such service and JetBrains team doesn't have any plans for that at the moment.

I see two ways to go:

  1. Create corresponding feature request at IJ tracker and it will be implemented by use if/when the ticket has enough number of watches/votes;
  2. Setup a color schemes repo by yourself and create a simple ide plugin which allows to upload/preview/download the schemes;

I'd suggest the second way if you want to get the result quicker. We can also change color schemes management api if it's current state is not good enough for the task.



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