AIR-APK Emulator Distortion


I have been creating pure AS3 projects to compile as AIR APK using the latest Flex 3.8 SDK.

When I debug test in the AIR Emulator, when I call a function that resets the animation (by removeChild and addChild for the objects), some of the newly created reset objects are positioned in the wrong location.

I also tested the same AS3 script in Flash CS6 (using the same Flex/AIR SDK), and the objects, when reset, are still in the correct location.

Screenshots, before and after reset (play again button clicked):


The main container with game circles is correctly positioned, but the 2 buttons and bottom scorebox are not in the correct position. As mentioned, not a scripting problem, because the same script tested in Flash CS6 does not change the button/bottom scorebox positions when reset.

Any help or suggestions to fix this would be appreciated.

Thank you for your help.



I don't think that this problem can be related to the IDE, so probably the best place to ask is Adobe AIR forum. May be I'll be able to help of you attach a sample project. But I  think you'll get a better answer if you share your code at Adobe's forum.


Hi Alexander,

I did some more testing, including changing the position script for the objects and now it is working OK. So, maybe my scripting was the problem and not the emulator. :D

Thank you for your help.

Best Wishes,


Emulator is a part of AIR SDK, so it should be the same when you run from Flash CS or IntelliJ IDEA. So, yes, I suppose your code was not perfect.


Yes, definitely was my scripting. Once I fixed the script, it worked perfectly.


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