Howto open "Checkout Branch" Dialog

I cannot find the "Checkout Branch" dialog in the VCS - GIT menu, after I have cloned a GIT repo.
I have IDEA 12.1.4

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You don't so much checkout a branch. You switch to one after checking out the project.
Take a look at Help >Help Topics > IntelliJ IDEA Usage Guidelines > Version Control with IntelliJ IDEA > VCS-Specific Procedures > Using Git Integration > Managing Branches > Checking Out (Switching Between Branches) The online web help equivalent is also available.

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Thanks for pointing me to the right direction. But this help is rather hidden in the depth of the help system and not so easy to find.
I was missled by the help system that comes along with intellij, as you may see in the screenshot attached.
Is this part of the help system out of date ?

Screen Shot 2013-07-30 at 7.16.11 AM.png

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