live templates questions

I just discovered there are a number of new LiveTemplates (at least it's the first time i've seen them).

Especially in the surround group, some of them seem nice to use : surroung with callable/runnable, surround with lock ...

But I don't get how one is supposed to trigger them.
THey use the $selection$ variable, so I don't see how you would type the abbreviation, and when bringing the "surround with" popup, they don't appear either.

Anyone managed to use them ? how ?


Anyone managed to use them ? how ?

Select the text you want to surround, then press CtrlAltJ (Code -> Surround with Live Template). A popup appears which let you choose the live template used to surround the selected code with.


Thanks !

I can even see it in the Code menu ... wonder how I missed it before.

Not sure why we do have 2 different actions for surround though


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