According to The Server Side, IDEA 7 has been released - I'm assuming this is a bad news post

I'm assuming that's not the case :).
Getting an announcement on TSS may take even a few days (this happened in the past always), so I
suppose, Jetbrains wanted to prevent the situations from other years when the message was too late
out (just that this time as an exception from the rule TSS seems to work right :) ).



The announcement seems pretty timid, unspectacular and without detail.

What about ..
-Hibernate support, including full completion for queries in Java code.
-Spring support, with refactoring and QuickFix support
-Spring ORM support, completion for HQL/JPAQL in Spring APIs.
-Spring AOP support, including advice/target navigation.
-Groovy support, including mixed language development and refactoring.

I think a TSS announcement should really list the new/unique features in
IDEA 7.0 (there are many!).



Oh it seems Dmitry has answered the question on the TSS post, so it is indeed being released today!


It would have been better not to release a beta version.


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