Sharing IDEA Configuration with the team

Hi, I was wondering how folks share their IDE settings with their teammates. I have an idea, and would like to know if anyone saw an issue with it, or if anyone has better ideas. We are not using TeamCity (although we may investigate it in a few months)

Recently, we just standardized our group to use Intellij on windows xp.. Our eclipse folks are now using it as well, and they are not too impressed with the sharing features.

Basically, I’d like to share

1. code style
2. file templates
3. inspection profiles
4. and maybe 1 or 2 more settings.

Solution (proposed):

1. Check these directories into a CVS module – something like IDEA_CONFIG
2. have each developer create a System property like %IDEA_CONFIG_DIR%
3. provide a .bat that will cvs update -C the versioned dirs to %IDEA_CONFIG_DIR%.

Does anyone see an issue with this or have a better solution? Any ideas would be appreciated.

Thank you!

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Code style and inspection profiles are sharable by binding them to project files. Then they get written into the .ipr files, which you are presumably checking in to version control. This works fine if you've got a small number of projects, and is great in as much as you can support different styles and standards with each project.

You should also note that you can import and export settings from within IDEA, using "File/Import settings..." and "File/Export settings" . You might have already known that, but a lot of people don't, so I figured I'd mention it.

A full "share these settings" system has been discussed for a while, but never seems to get traction. While something like this was in the original TeamCity 3.0 roadmap, it looks like it has been removed.

Hope that helps

--Dave Griffith

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I'd agree, with a large number of projects we found it best to export the settings and pop them under version control. Then, when we have a new person join the team or update the configuration, it can just be checked out and reimported.

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Thanks guys! you know, i've never used (and always glossed over) that import/export menu item. we will give it a go.

btw, we all registered with ITN within a few days of each other...just something random i noticed! :)

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Ya know, I'm not sure if enough OpenAPI exists, but something automating that process would make a darn fine plugin contest entry.

--Dave Griffith


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