Importing a Symfony2 Project in IntelliJ?

Hello all,

I'm a user of PhpStorm, as I tend to do most of my development work in PHP.

When I import a project (via git) to PhpStorm, it detects that the Symfony2 framework is used, and appropriately sets up the Framework view.

When I import the same project to IntelliJ, it does not detect the framework, and only detects a /js directory and a /web directory. I have enabled all of the plugins that PhpStorm uses, but still cannot it working. I would like to utilize IntelliJ instead of PhpStorm, because I am now also working in Java


Bumping. Still looking for any insight that might help with getting IntelliJ to recognize an imported Symfony2 project


First question, is Framework MVC Structure Support plugin installed on IDEA? See
Second, what do you mean by

only detects a /js directory and a /web

I opened up PhpStorm and made sure that IntelliJ IDEA had the same plugins installed, and installed the ones that were missing.
I will double-check and confirm when I get home this evening.

As for the /js and /web directories... Those are the only two directories being detected as having source code. They're showing up as "Static Web", and are the only two modules that I can access when the import is complete.


I have confirmed that the Framework MVC Structure Support Plugin is installed (from Repository).

This happens when I import


Oh, thanks, screenshot helped a lot. Unfortunately, there is a bug that breaks importing. Second, the framework detection from screenshot has nothing to do with MVC framework detection. If your .idea project folder is under vcs, just checkout project and use File | Open. Otherwise create it with PhpStorm. After proper project creation framework detection popup should appear.


Thank you for the insight. Everything now works.

(The success of this was the last deciding factor as to whether or not I purchase a license for IntellJ, or just stick with Eclipse + PhpStorm)



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