Ctrl+Shift+F4 (close bottom panel) when editor is focused still not working

7348, Vista.

I see pressing CtrlShiftF4 still doesn't close the bottom panel (like Find Occurrences) if editor is clicked - one has to focus the bottom panel and only then it'll close on CtrlShiftF4. Is it planned to be fixed in release ?

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I'd consider that change undesirable.

When I want to get rid of the Find window without moving to the mouse, I use Alt3 (which just toggles its visibility—if search results are present, they're not discarded when it's hidden). If the focus is not currently in the Find window, you have to type Alt3 twice, first to focus it and second to hide it.

Randall Schulz

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I didn't meant toggling the visibility of the window, I meant closing it. Completely. If I remember correctly, it was always the case that pressing CtrlShiftF4 was closing the bottom panel without one having to focus it and it was very comfortable to close the Debug or Find panels while you're in the editor.

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Work for me (7348, XP).

Please make sure the bottom panel you want to close it has Close button.

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CtrlShiftF4 is mapped to "Close Active Tab" (From the Window menu). So if you have multiple tabs open in a tool window that supports such, in the Run tool window, for example, it closes the active tab, leaving the other tabs. If there is only one tab, it has the affect of closing the tool window as well. But this only works on tool windows that have a "Close" icon (the Red X) such as the Run tool window and the Find tool window. (It would not work in the Project or Changes tool windows, which do not have a close icon).

Note that ShiftEsc will hide any tool-window, not just the ones with the red X icon. Also since it only hides the tool window, your find result will still be there if you reactivate the Find window. I typically use shiftesc since it is consistent across all windows and I do not lose my search results. Personal preference I guess (and a case of do you actually want to close the window or just hide it).

Both ShiftEsc and CtrlShift+F4 operate on the last tool window to have focus. Therefore, CtrlShiftF4 will only work if the last tool window to have focus has the close icon (such as the find tool window). So if I am in the find window, then switch focus to the editor and hit CtrlShiftF4, the find window will close as you are expecting. (This is working for me in 7348 under Win XP.) However, if I am in the find tool window, then go to the Project tool window, then into the editor, CtrlShiftF4 will not work from the editor window.

Note that ShiftEsc (and CtrlShift+F4) only works on the last window. It is not a stack type of operation, closing windows in the order in which they last had focus. (Hmmm... new feature request maybe?)

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Right, it works most of the time but here's the scenario:
- I search for "com.yada.yada.package" in all *.java sources
- In the results I click the first one, cursor jumps to the editor where it's on
"com.yada.yada.package" line
- I Ctrl+Click the package which opens the "Project" tab and shows the package clicked - see 1.png
- Now if I press CtrlShiftF4 attempting to get rid of the "Find Occurrences" bottom panel - it won't go away as the event is probably sent to the "Project" panel which is not close-able.

May be you're right. I can now see that CtrlShiftF4 stops closing the "Find" panel after I have the focus switched to the "Project" one.


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