Haxe support plugin with OpenFL

I've downloaded the latest plugin from within Intellij Ultimate 12 which is version 0.6.2. On the haxe support plugin page it says OpenFL support is added in version 0.6.5 but I cannot install that manually as it says the plugin is incompatible with my version of Intellij.

So I've downloaded version 13 of Intellij IDEA Ultimate and I can install version 0.6.5 in that no problem.

I just want to ask is there a reason that I can only use this version of the plugin in an unreleased beta version of Intellij or is it an oversight by the author? I'd really like to be able to use version 12 for my upcoming haxe project but fear I may have to use Sublime Text 2 instead.

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Hi Alex,

There were some major changes in the platform since 12. And it's hard to support two versions at the moment.

If you want I can build the plugin for 12th IntelliJ IDEA, but don't guranty that it will work correctly in all cases. :-)


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Hi Fedor,

If it's not too much work to build a version for 12 then that would be really great. In the meantime I will carry on using Sublime Text 2 for my OpenFL projects.

Thanks again :)


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