Maven Integration / Focus stealing...


today there has been released RC5. So I think the final version will be
released very soon...
Could you please fix those small but annoying things until then?

I have two issues that need to be fixed. They both exist in Jira (at
least I think so ;-). But maybe I get a better response here.

--> Starting Idea and opening a project is very annoying! At least 4 or
5 times the focus is stolen!
And the splash screen is always in front. Please hide the splash screen
(at least a click should close/hide it).

--> Maven Integration: Opening pom.xml referencing other modules
I have a project, Idea can't open properly. It contains several
references to other modules
../../otherModule ../../../someOtherModule ]]>

Idea opens the project but does not contain any references to the
modules. This is not what I expected. If there went something wrong, I
prefer some sort of error message.


Johannes Schneider

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You can hide IDEA's splash-screen with program option "nosplash"


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