Suppress "Files are too large and cannot be scanned" popup

My IntelliJ IDEA web project contains some JSON files that according to IDEA, are too large to be scanned.  Everytime I do a search through my entire project, the rather annoying "Files are too large and cannot be scanned" pop up window shows up on top of the Find tab.  Is there any way to suppress this popup window?

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There is not. There was a feature request for such, but it got marked as a duplicate of a report that the balloon could not be dismissed and was hiding results. That has been fixed in IDEA 13 EAP. But I'm not seeing a way to suppress it (at least not in Settings > IDE Settings > Notifications.)  So you may want to ask for the original feature request to be reopened. There is also the feature request to allow files to be marked as excluded from searches that may you may be interested in voting for.


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